Sky Business Solution is a company registered in Nigeria as Sky Business Advisory Services Limited. It is a company set up by dedicated professionals with aim of offering unparalleled business solutions to clients in Nigeria. Our team of experts include Lawyers, Accountants among others..

The company offers wide range of business that cut across the various sectors of the economy.

Sky Business seeks to provide innovative services for doing business in Nigeria in way to make business set up seamless for start up companies and foreign investors seeking to set up a business in Nigeria.

We offer different categories of services that include various services. The business services we offer are divided into the following major categories:

  1. Company Incorporation Services
  2. Nominee Directors and Shareholders services
  3. Taxation
  4. Company Licenses and Approvals
  5. Trademark and Patent Registration
  6. Immigration Services
  7. Virtual Office and Office Set Up
  8. General Business Advisory

At Sky Business Solution, we offer the best business advisory and related services to clients with dedication and honesty. We currently serve different numbers of domestic and international businesses in Nigeria.